Hello to everyone that supports this cause, especially all of the fathers out there.

I'm pleased you found WWW.DADDYO.BIZ  My name is DaddyO, a proud father of two boys. I started this web site to help all of the fathers out there, like myself, who are fighting for child custody and do not have the means to help themselves. I am hoping to inspire the many fathers that go through hell each day just to see their children. This web site is dedicated to all fathers.

The system has tried to chase me away and I won't let it. Let my attitude inspire you to stand up and push forward. I went to court, only to be stared down, hushed, assaulted and given an unfair order made by the judge. I was upset, angry and sad, but I never wanted to give up. Then I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I would never give up on my boys or on all of the good fathers out there.

Keep in mind, children grow up and will eventually see the system for what it is and those that kept you from them. Just remember that persistence and determination will eventually pay off, it just takes time. No matter what, spending time with your children is all that matters. Just keep up the fight to be in their lives and think smart when it comes to the courts.

This web site will continue to grow as we continue to fight and let our voices be heard. The only way things will change is if we all take a stand and fight. Things happen for a reason and the best things come to those who wait. Be visible throughout your fight, don't just sit on the side lines and expect it to all work itself out.

DaddyO.Biz is dedicated to serving the needs of and improving the lives of individuals and families. Daddyo.Biz is a proud sponsor of Fathers Freedom Rights providing awareness, raising money, products sales and donations. A percentage(80%) of all items purchased at DaddyO.Biz are donated to the Fathers Freedom Rights organization. All donations to Fathers Freedom Rights are tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support,
OneLuv DaddyO

Fathers Freedom Rights



FATHERS FREEDOM RIGHTS was created as a foundation to help the fathers who have no means to help themselves. For the rights of fathers and children to a meaningful relationship and for an end to discrimination against fathers in family court and elsewhere. The MySpace page and FaceBook page is to express our thoughts about children needing their fathers. Fathers have rights too! If you want to be apart of your children's lives, we can help you. This is not against women or mothers, it's only to help fathers gain the same rights as mothers have. It's about fairness to all parents, not woman bashing! The time has come to make a real stand for this cause. This is a bias in the legal system from coast to coast. This issue effects EVERY man, whether you are a father or not. These children will be effected as they grow into adults and eventually parents. We MUST make a stand, especially in this election year! It's obvious that this bias has nothing to do with money or lawyers, but with the broken Judicial System.


Please Help Us Help Others!!

All donations to Fathers Freedom Rights are tax deductible. Thank you for your support.